Everything You Need To Know About Acne

Today we are going to cover four main topics on acne that will hopefully answer the most common questions people are looking to get answers from. Acne is a pain that can be avoided and in today’s society should be but step one is getting educated.

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So the four topics we will cover include:

  • How do you get acne?
  • Can you spread acne?
  • How long does acne take to go away?
  • What are the best home remedies to get rid of acne?

How do you get acne?

What exactly causes acne and how did I contact it? This is a question that is asked by majority of the people across the globe suffering from it. Millions of theories do exist with regards to its causes. Also are present plenty of rules of things to do and avoid to prevent formation of those dreaded pimples.

How to prevent acne formation?

If you find yourself to be affected by acne, then do not purchase any spot treatment or face wash to do away with those pimples. These items are rather proven to effective for the treatment of acne and not to completely eradicate this problem by removing its cause. Acne is to be assumed to be a symptom of a particular problem and not exactly the problem itself. It is possible with some efforts, knowledge and research to stop acne prior to its development.

Using modern advanced medicine, we are of the assumption that disease, illnesses along with bodily disorder issues are isolated from the affected region. Since acne is present on the skin, it is the skin that is to be treated. However, the fact is much more complex and hence, needs to be carefully understood. The body can be termed to be highly connected organism. Anything taking place at a particular region of the body my at times display as symptoms at another place. The same goes for acne.


The question is what precisely are the problems faced by the body to produce acne as symptom. In this regard, there is no particular answer which will work perfectly for everyone. There may emerge multiple issues as similar symptom, thus making it tough to diagnose quickly the problem. It is for this reason, it becomes essential to investigate and identify the issues that have triggered this particular issue. It can be something internal related which may be out of balance.

Some potential causes for acne to take place

Given below are few potential causes that should be investigated without any delay:

  • Lack of minerals and vitamins
  • Food allergies
  • Stress
  • Candida overgrowth
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Overworked liver or any other organs which cleanse

There are present home remedies to treat acne. Action should be taken without any delay to ensure, the symptom does not get serious and more spread to the different body parts. The web is full of useful information about acne and the different home remedies present to derive effective treatment.

Can you spread acne?

You may probably be affected with acne and could be worrying if you will spread it among others. Acne infection could be termed as a problem that has been affecting people in millions across the globe. Numerous reports published on the web by the experts have clearly state that this infection is somewhat contagious. This means, it may spread from one person to the other, if proper and timely care is not given. Most individuals are found to develop blemishes when in their teens.

How acne infection spreads?

There are different methods by which this infection is known to spread. You should be aware of the same, so that take appropriate steps and find the best possible remedy that will suit your needs and health requirements. Going through the web will also provide you with necessary information on how this infection gets spread and the different remedial measures that can be taken to stop its further growth and proliferation. The different ways by which it spreads are as follows:

  • Scratching and touching: Acne may take place on your face. It can be a whitehead, containing pus. If whitehead is removed with force, pus is secreted onto the skin. If pus spreads throughout the skin and in any part of the body, it is likely to infect further. This only will lead to severe infection, hence, giving rise to other whiteheads.
  • Spreading the liquid: Blemishes might spread throughout the skin, especially if pus liquid gets smeared to the other locations of the face and body. You may have developed the habit of picking whiteheads quite often. The liquid may be smeared easily on the other skin parts. As this takes place, the infection spreads indirectly to the other skin parts.
  • Being careless: The other reason for acne infection to spread to the other skin parts is due to carelessness. In case, infection takes place in whitehead form, then you are to be extremely careful. You should try to avoid picking the whiteheads too often. In order to derive that good looking and well maintained flawless skin tone, anti-blemish to be applied on the skin. It is to be performed on regular basis.

The above are few of the reasons as to why acne infection spreads to the different parts of the body. If infected with acne, you should try to contain its further development and spread.

How long does it take for acne to go away?

You may be affected acne infection and might be wondering for how much time you will have to bear with this ugly looking infection. For proper and effective acne treatment, you are to be aware of few acne treatment principles. It is only by getting to know the appropriate principles of better acne treatment that it can become much easy to control acne.

Some acne treatment principles

  • The objective of medical therapy for acne is not to provide cure for the disease (that is practically impossible) but to eliminate acne prior to getting pigmentation and scarring, as well as to achieve long lasting remedy.
  • Acne treatment is required to be personalized depending upon grade of severity, acne, age and gender of the patient, including extend of involvement. It is for this reason, all types of treatment suggestions will not prove to be suitable for every acne sufferer.
  • It is after 2 to 4 weeks after initiating of treatment that its effects will be clearly visible.
  • The treatment duration is likely to differ from one person to the other. Medication as prescribed by the health expert is not to be abruptly stopped, unless as specified by the dermatologist.
  • Few topical medications could flare up in the initial 1 to 3 weeks. However, it does not warrant treatment discontinuation. For couple of days, treatment could be stopped as required or there may be experienced reduction of duration of application.
  • Exposure to sun should be minimized as much as possible when using medications like retinoid.
  • It will be useful and a wise decision to visit a qualified dermatologist to get proper consultation on what needs to be done and avoided, so as to treat acne effectively and to know the duration by which it can be treated completely.
  • Self prepared OTC preparations are better avoided. If not found suitable, then it might irritate your skin, thus causing acne flare ups.
  • Avoid using on the face steroid preparations as it will reduce temporarily facial eruptions. Eventually, the situation will only worsen further to damage the skin.
  • Majority of the acne preparations tend to have peeling effect. Therefore, when using such remedies, the face is likely to get flaky, dry or reddish. In case of severe irritation or dryness, self treatment is to be discontinued and the dermatologist is to be consulted.

Acne may emerge at any point of time and it is only with proper care that this issue can be treated properly and its symptoms reduced and eliminated within short time period.

What are the best home remedies for acne?

Your body health is better represented by your skin. Glowing skin tends to show plenty of care, hydration and healthy diet. Skin with whiteheads, blackheads along with other issues will be indicator of poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances and oxidative damage. Chronic breakouts and acne are found to affect people in millions across the globe. People are found to use topical medications to eliminate acne. Using natural remedies can be a much safer alternative.

Home remedies for acne

  • Toning: To derive proper skin care, toning is an absolute necessity. Achieving this will help to eliminate the residue after cleansing. It can help the skin to rejuvenate and to restore natural pH levels. You can tone your skin by applying cider vinegar. You just need to use cotton for applying the solution on the affected regions. Apple cider vinegar contains potassium, magnesium, acetic acid and enzymes.
  • Gentle cleansing: With soft and thorough cleansing, stubborn pimples, blackheads and whiteheads can be eliminated. You just need to apply lukewarm water to dampen your skin. Afterwards, you need to rinse and pat the skin dry. This task is to be performed twice a day, after breakouts. Cleansing more often will not be a good idea as it will only irritate the skin.
  • Exercise: Without a doubt proper exercise can help a lot. If you get yourself a good 2018 leg press machine and use it properly you will start to see benefits to your acne. It is the best way to go as it will not cause your face to sweat which can make the acne worse.
  • Exfoliate: The common causes may include clogged pores and dead skin. Hence, the skin needs to be exfoliated properly. Choosing commercial products will not be a great idea, as they are likely to contain harmful chemicals which might irritate your skin. You can also use DIY scrubs. These can be prepared at the home with great ease and can help your skin to be fresh. You can make use of sea salt, brown sugar and ground oatmeal. Besides this, you will require coconut, kefir and base. Also include honey.
  • Healing masks: To hydrate and heal skin, you should apply healing masks several times a week. To prepare the mask, you are to use cinnamon, essential oils, yogurt, and honey along with other ingredients to keep the skin hydrated. To the mask, include tea tree oil of few drops if you face breakout of acne.
  • Spot treat: Another fabulous choice to treat acne is Melalecua, called tea tree oil. It is used globally to treat wounds. It can help to fight bacteria and fungi. This solution can be prepared with some drops of tea tree oil and coconut oil.

The above are few of the home remedies to treat acne safely.

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