How does the Ketogenic diet work?

The ketogenic diet is a special diet program that is followed by those who like to reduce excess weight. At one time, it was a meal plan designed to prevent epileptic fits. Today, it is categorized into two types – LCT (Long Chain Triglycerides) and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) – and it is popular among individuals who find little success with other dietary weight reduction methods. Find out how the two types of Ketogenic diets work.

Long Chain Triglycerides Ketogenic Diet

It is low in carbohydrates and high in fat, and comprises of enough protein. The diet plan limits the number of calories as well as fluid intake. This is a strict diet program that generally utilizes strict meal plans after considering the protein and calorie intake requirements of dieters every day. Then, these are categorized into various meals for the entire day – that dietitians design.

Medium Chain Triglycerides Ketogenic Diet

In this diet program, there are less strict meal plans. These are structured properly after considering the calorie requirements. However, you need to abide by the meal plans and do the substitutes that are required. MCT, unlike LCT, utilizes complex fats. These utilize fats that contain more amounts of ketones, with coconut oil being the one used most often. Some people suffer from MCT diet program intolerance. Thus, John Radcliffe diet is recommended by many dietitians these days. This meal program is a blend of 30% MCT and 30% LCT, with carbohydrates and protein accounting for the remaining. Try a great keto product like this one.

How Does the Ketogenic Diet Work?

In standard diet programs, you are supposed to eat more of carbohydrate-rich foods. These foods provide your body with the energy that is necessary for proper functioning. These are low in fat, as fats are only stored and mainly used by the body during strenuous activities. The body requires more amount of carbohydrates. Thus, it first processes the carbohydrates first. After sometime the body feels hungry again. With a high-fat diet, this is not the case.

This theory is turned on its head in the ketogenic diet. Dieters who follow this program have to eat more amounts of fats, and have their body tricked into believing that it does not have enough glucose. Thus, the fats are broken down first, and are transformed into energy. To put simply, the Ketogenic diet tricks the body of dieters into using their own body fat rather than carbohydrates to produce energy.


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